Kindergarten temperature lesson

Setting: Whole group in classroom, ITRT modeling and Classroom teacher
Supplies: Vernier temp. probe and software, cups, warm tap water, cold tap water, ice cubes.

VA SOL’s: Science K.1 observations, K.2 using the 5 senses, K.5 water

Math K.8 identify thermometer

Identify the digital thermometer and what it measures.
Practice using the thermometer to measure temperature
Determine what is hot and cold.
Make observations about hot and cold water.

1. Discuss how a scientist use their senses to learn about the world. One sense scientists never use in science is tasting so the rule is everything has to stay away from our mouth.Discuss how we tell how hot or cold something is? We can touch it sometimes, we can see it. These are observations. Today we will be making some observations using a science tool called a digital thermometer.

2. Identify the metal part of the thermometer and identify the thermometer on the screen. discuss the graphing and numbers display parts of the screen.

3. Using Student helpers, we will measure the temperature while holding the thermometer in a hand, in warm water, in cold water, and in ice. Discuss the graphed data with the students. Discuss which is hot and cold. Identify solid and liquid water temperatures.

4. If time permits(and the students are engaged) create the letter m on the graph switching between warm and cold water temperatures.